Strategy Asset Management Plan

What is Strategic Asset Management Plan?

A Strategic Asset Management Plan is a high-level strategic plan that documents the relationship between the organizational objectives and the asset management objectives. A Strategic Asset Management Plan should define the required framework to achieve the asset management objectives and develop the asset management plan(s).

The Asset Management policy, Strategic Asset Management Plan and Asset Management Plans should be aligned to ensure assets are delivering value that meets stakeholder’s needs.

What is Asset Management? 

Asset management is a set of coordinated activities, involving the balancing of costs, opportunities and risks against the desired performance of assets to achieve an organization’s objectives.   

Asset management is the art and science of making the right decisions and optimizing the delivery of value. A common objective is to minimize the whole life cost of assets but there may be other critical factors such as risk or business continuity to be considered objectively in this decision making. 


Asset Management transformation plan 

Aligned with your company goals, an asset management transformation plan can bring together maintenance, operations, and engineering to develop a Strategic Asset Management Plan and implement the required processes and organization, using the gap analysis and best practices based on ISO 55001, to continuously improve the value return on assets with a lower risk to the Business and Stakeholders using the correct asset information. 


SMART Digitalization for Asset Management 

Technology innovation are driving business to transform the traditional way of work in Asset Management using digitalization, expecting that this change will contribute to manage risk and improve cost, performance, quality and safety.  

Digitalization can improve processes, providing new methods and opportunities for the business if the digital transformation is evaluated using a value chain business model, considering that the value created is higher than the cost of creating the value. After the transformation, sustainability is a must, so it is required to change the processes and adapt the skills to this new way of working.  

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