Training as an essential tool in talent management

Talent Management

In the endless universe of organizations, finding talented professionals who perform with excellence certain tasks is always a great privilege and a great mission.

It is crucial to align talent management with company strategy, ensuring:

  • The empowerment of talent
  • The results of the company

Empowering a talent means giving the opportunity for a collaborator to develop within a task or position in which his or hers productive profile is more appropriate, a situation that implies knowledge of each employee’s productivity potential, so that training defined with clear objectives at the level of results, which implies investment in availability and money, allows the achievement of important benefits for the organization.


Training Evaluation

g3p consulting, in its training projects, uses the evaluation model proposed by Donald L. Kirkpatrick. It´s a model that offers 4 levels of evaluation: 

  1. reaction,
  2. learning,
  3. behaviour and
  4. results,

when fully used enable the evaluation of the effectiveness of the training in the level of the behaviour in the work place and in the level of the results.

Talent Management

ROI in training

This model application has allowed us to achieve tangible results after training sessions as a reduction of faults associated with the implementation of problem solving and optimization of maintenance plans, reduction of tool changing times, among many others, with financial gain for the organizations with which g3p consulting has already had the pleasure to work.

Talent Management should be more and more a requirement of modern companies, to create and retain the value of knowledge, increasing the involvement of its employees and making them more productive.

Only with proper talent management companies may be more prepared to carry out their mission with excellence.

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