Beverages Industry

A sector in which product development takes on an important role, along with the packaging phase which is crucial given the diversity of existing shapes.
Optimising the packing lines in terms of availability and efficiency (OEE) levels, as well as optimizing cycle times (Lean Processes) and tool changes using the SMED tool together with 5S and Kaizen methodologies support is essential for managing this industry.

Food industry

Combination of industrial activities directly or indirectly linked to the production and marketing of foods in their final form or ingredients used in their preparation. This highly competitive sector is characterized by a major interest in RDI, through robust and optimized production processes, a Lean supply chain and high product safety.
Given the high complexity of the packaging phase, methodologies such as KANBAN, SMED and 5S enable support for internal logistic processes, to optimize OEE and maintain a very high level of organization and cleanliness at the production stations.