g3p consulting was created in 2004 and operates in management consulting and training areas, focused on promoting organizational excellence to our clients.

What sets us apart is our ability to, in partnership with our clients, help them overcome their greatest challenges, ensuring that outlined goals become measurable and effective results.

Our work is based on the technical expertise of our team of consultants with multidisciplinary skills, in order to ensure the operational excellence of our clients, boosting earnings in terms of improving productivity, process optimization, reducing waste and adding value, contribute to ensuring the sustainability of their business.

Each project is customized according to the client's needs, and we ensure that the technicians and staff involved in the project acquire the skills needed for the business to evolve and prosper, through on-the-job training.

We help create competitive advantages!

g3p Consulting - growing 3 p's


The Begining

g3p consulting was created in April 2004, after an invitation from Brisa to provide support to the Migrar Project. The original concept was to support the industrialization of two new equipment, including the development of products production dossier and to coordinate the supply of all required materials. Aware that a company cannot survive with only one client, the partners introduced new business areas, based on their past experiences such as consulting and training.

Expanding Horizons

The will to embrace new challenges and expand the company’s boundaries led g3p consulting to establish a partnership with several international consulting companies, enabling the development of consulting and auditing operations in Maintenance and Productivity Management in international projects, particularly in Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian speaking countries

g3p in the world

Experience as Cornerstone

An accredited entity since 2005 and with extensive experience in training, g3p consulting has held a DGERT certification since May 2016, which ensures the quality of the work we perform. Based on a structured growth through a process management system, g3p consulting was certified in July 2009, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard, increasing the business’s sustainability. From 2011 to 2013, the company joined the g3p Group, which was terminated so that the member companies’ businesses should be conducted and managed it independently with more focus in the specific business of each one of them.

Solid bets with an eye on the future

Over the last years, g3p consulting has primarily carried out projects with highly recognized international clients in the Asset Management area, which has produced very positive results in terms of processes and systems implementation in this area. A fact recognized by the majority of clients, and proven by the continuity of the work and the deployment of the asset care improvements programs that has been expanding to many other client sites across the world. 

Digitalization as part of innovation process

Nowadays, g3p consulting is an established company, with a growing portfolio of prominent international clients. With an experienced team of consultants, having multidisciplinary skills (practical experience in areas of expertise), whose goal is to ensure excellence in the projects we carry out, thereby boosting earnings due to improved productivity, optimizing processes, reducing waste and adding value, ensuring business sustainability embracing innovation and digitalization.