Design for ROMSI

What is Design for ROMSI?

Design for ROMSI is a process that encompasses tools and procedures to ensure that an asset meets its reliability, operability, maintainability, safety and inspectability requirements, under its use environment, for the duration of its lifetime.

DfROMSI is implemented in the design stage of an asset to proactively improve reliability, operability, maintainability, safety and conditions for inspection. Designing reliable equipment and plants requires risk assessment, clear knowledge of the operating context, involvement from operations, maintenance and engineering domain experts, and a focus on optimizing the life-cycle cost.

What is Asset Lifecycle Management? 

Asset Lifecycle Management is the process of optimizing the profit generated by your company assets throughout their lifecycle.  

Optimizing the asset life cycle from planning, conceptual design, procurement, commission, operation, maintenance until decommissioning, through an integrated approach, including a comprehensive asset portfolio management, will allow to have a more robust decision-making process for new asset introduction or replacement affecting your future capital investment plans.  

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