Skills Development as the key to improve results!

The training provided by g3p consulting integrates flexibility and experience that will contribute to reach the best results for all clients.

g3p consulting training and coaching are applicable to all sectors of activity, whether industry or services.

We emphasize the knowledge of our clients’ situation, to provide tailor-made training, capable of adapting to your needs, thus ensuring a return on investment. At the same time, g3p consulting relies on its consultants as certified trainers to capitalize on their experience and knowledge gained over the past few years in the various national and international projects in which they have participated.

Being certified by DGERT, g3p consulting carries out face-to-face or remotely intra-company training to increase knowledge and qualify, when that is the purpose.

Our approach – know how to perform!

The training approach applied by g3p consulting is based on 4 different phases, adjustable to the needs of each client, depending on the skills you want to develop, specific role requirements, with enormous advantages for content assimilation as well as proper use of methodologies and tools to carry out specific tasks or activities related.

With adequate training and development, productivity increases, allowing return on investment in training!

Training Need Analysis

This the process that supports the identification of the training and development needs of the staff that require to be upskilled to carry out their work in asset management efficiently.

It involves a thorough analysis of the training needs required in the different roles. It helps the manager to identify the main areas of development of its employees, defining goals and contents according to internal requirements.

Training Objectives Definition

A Training objective begins with identifying something specific that will be the focus of the training. Although what the team members need may be complex, the training objective should not.

The training objective established by g3p consulting must be SMART:

  • Specific – focuses on a specific knowledge or skill
  • Measurable – Determining whether the training objective was achieved
  • Achievable – Accomplishes something that will make the team members more effective in their roles
  • Realistic – The team members can reasonably achieve the objective
  • Time-bound – The training objective has a targeted time frame for achievement

Fine Tuning Contents

Aligned with the customer needs, the training contents can be customized according to specific levels of skills, training needs and site-specific tools and techniques. This is a must when the goal is to make sure that ALL should be on board in asset management!

Effectiveness Measurements

All training must bring results! Therefore, g3p consulting defines, aligned with the customer, effective training effectiveness measures, considering impact on the skill level improvement, behavior towards the role, and site results (when applicable).

g3p consulting training & coaching focus

Our focus lays on getting more effective methods of learning rather than effective methods of teaching supporting the skills development in the areas which we operate.

Training and Coaching

Our Offer

G3p consulting's offers are completely aligned with the consulting areas we perform. Find the Top Ten most requested training courses in Asset Management, over the last 10 years:

  1. Asset Management best practices 
  2. Business Processes Mapping
  3. Reliability Management
  4. Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Execution
  5. Spare Parts Management
  6. Maintenance Cost Management 
  7. Maintenance Plans Development & FMECA 
  8. FRACAS and Root Cause Analysis
  9. Asset criticality analysis
  10. Asset Condition Analysis
Training courses

Asset Management Best Practices Program

Turn asset management knowledge into a road map!
learn more

Business Processes Mapping

Ensure standard work practices, key roles, interfaces and metrics
learn more

Reliability Management

Increase asset reliability and availability.
learn more

Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Execution

Improve asset availability and resources usage optimization.
learn more

Spare Parts Management

Have the right parts, at the right time, with the lowest possible cost at the minimum inventory value
learn more

Maintenance Cost Management

Defining the maintenance cost structure
learn more

Maintenance Plans Development & FMECA

Support on the maintenance strategy identification
learn more

FRACAS and Root Cause Analysis

Eliminating or reduce the cause of failures and defects to improve asset uptime
learn more
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