SMART Reliability Maintenance Training Objectives 

With the SMART Reliability Maintenance training, you will be able to: 

  • Understand Reliability and Maintenance Concepts 
  • Understand what are the typical reliability and maintenance processes that can be done digitally: reliability analysis, mobility, alerts, alarms, link to CBM, CMMS/EAMS  
  • Identify the reliability and maintenance processes that you can transform to digital 
  • Evaluate the value proposition of one potential project 
  • Develop the Digital Value for Business 
  • Develop the Roadmap 

By understanding what are the asset data requirements, the changes to be applied to the existent maintenance strategies from FTM to CBM, assess the existent technologies on site, the assets major offenders, you will be able to develop a more effective Digital Asset Management roadmap. We will provide full support to the digital transformation process in preparing your company to be fully effective in the application of digital solutions. 


What is SMART Reliability Maintenance? 

SMART Reliability Maintenance is the transformation of the traditional way of work in Reliability and Maintenance using digitalization, expecting that this change will contribute to manage risk and improve cost, performance, quality and safety.  

Digitalization can improve processes, providing new methods and opportunities for the business if the digital transformation is evaluated using a value chain business model, considering that the value created is higher than the cost of creating the value. After the transformation, sustainability is a must, so it is required to change the processes and adapt the skills to this new way of working.  


SMART Reliability Maintenance training course 

The participants will attend a theoretical training session in SMART Reliability Maintenance and a workshop that will allow the participants to develop a value proposition and the digital transformation roadmap. 

The SMART Reliability Maintenance training workshop will be performed using a benchmark example. 

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